Welcome! I am Olivier Konan, a photographer for eight years and a professional for more than five years. If you are on this site, it is because you are interested in what I do, for possible collaborations (I hope so 😊) or photography content that attracts you. I can tell you that you are undeniably at the right door because this world is my whole life.

This collection of pages with images is much more than a website. I wish to use this platform to create a space we can call our own. It will be a space that makes room for moments and memories. In this space, I will share the challenges I meet along the way, my discoveries, my evolution, and a whiff of practical advice. Also, I would like to use this platform to learn from you as a visitor and prospective customer because it is through collaboration that we can grow.

As an Ivorian photographer and citizen of the world, I wish to improve the vision of photography in our different communities. I will do so by instilling through this framework of exchange the culture of excellence, the taste for effort, risk-taking, rigor, and perseverance. In all, I will contribute to the progress of our collaboration; as the illustrious photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson said, "Photography is an attitude, a way of being, a way of life." I would love to add that it is also "the memory of our lives."
Welcome to my world :)


Olivier Konan
Qualities :

- Speed and Efficiency
- Open-mindedness
- Strong ability to adapt and improvise
- Versatility
- Creativity and overflowing imagination

Nevertheless, I am the main character in my artistic world. I am constantly working on getting out of my comfort zones 😏 and being a bit more outgoing. I hope that I get the opportunity to learn that from you.
Missions, Visions and Objectives :

My mission as a photographer is to capture various moments in our lives. I also aim to highlight the beauty and complexity of our world and beyond.

As a versatile photographer, I have always been fascinated by the colors, designs, and textures of all kinds of devices, gadgets, technologies, and infrastructures. I have also found an appeal in capturing nature in its raw state. Today, my versatility gives me an advantage, be it shooting products, capturing aerial shots, or telling the stories of a people through an image.

My vision as an artist is to bring my different subjects (a product, a space, a person, etc.) to life through an image. I highlight all their characteristics through my precise attention to detail, textures, packaging, and colors, creating spectacular stagings for perfect harmony and a treat for the eyes.

My photo shoots cover a wide range of fields : Architecture, products of all kinds, aerial, portrait, events . etc

Thus, I dare to believe that the complexity of my personality, my expertise, and my style of photography in these different areas make me the photographer you need.

My values :

- Respect for commitments and people
- Honesty
- Sharing
Rates :

Just like my photographs, our pricings are custom-made.
Among other things, we consider a couple of parameters, notably the number and style of photos desired, post-production fees, the scope of your photo project, possible travel, the equipment deployed, etc.
Work methodology

Before we begin production on projects of any kind, our first approach is to research and analyze the company and its services. The study informs us on the appropriate personality of the customer and their universe to determine the different types and styles of images required to realize the client's vision as accurately as possible.
Then, we study the technical aspects for better enhancement.

The session is as professional as it is relaxed to make the experience unique and enjoyable in a creative atmosphere.
During the sessions, cordial and frank exchanges are strongly engaged to determine your desires in front of the lens for an exceptional final result.

The retouching allows us to sublimate your photographs in the optics of a high-definition rendering. That's why we prefer soft photo retouching that enhances the beauty of the image while keeping a fresh and natural look. We have the skills to create the ultimate image(s) for your project, despite the size, simple or complex.
Workspace and Equipment

Camera :
- Canon EOS R6
- Canon EOS R

Lens :​​​​​​​
- Canon RF 135MM F1.8L
- Canon RF 24-105 MM F4L 
- Canon RF 100MM Macro F2.8L
- Canon 24-70MM F4 L
- Canon 50MM f/1.2L USM

Computer :
- Macbook pro 2020
- iMAC 2021 

Drone :
- Mavic 2 pro

Stroboscopique (Light)
- Godox SK 400ii D X3
- Godox V850III X2
- Godox Sl 60W X2

Software used :
- Adobe Photoshop 2022
- Abobe Lightroom 2022
- Adobe Premiere Pro

So convinced ? Don't hesitate to contact us:

Email address : contact@olivierkonan.com

Phone : 00225 07 08 05 05 53 - 00 225 01 43 374 821
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