Corporate, Headshot, Sport, Minimalist.

"A picture is worth a thousand words" Whether it's on an internet profile, business card or other communication medium, professional and authentic photos create a sense of trust while presenting you in the best light.  
I am so grateful that I have made my passion my main activity without limiting myself to one particular field. 
A few months ago, the acquisition of the legendary 85mm 1.2 and its creamy bokeh from Canon immediately opened up new perspectives for me, notably headshots - cinematic/corporate and others. 
I now do portraits, a new string to my bow.



In photography, as in any other art, it is always easier to enrich your work than to strip it down. As such, minimalism sometimes gives the impression that it's easy to style your photos. To capture beautiful minimalist shots, you need space, but more importantly, creativity. Check out some of my minimalist portraits
Since a photo is never 100% perfect after it is taken, post-production is clearly not a step to neglect.


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